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SHENZHEN SUNNET INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD (Sunnet) covers an area of 30000 square meters of Sichuan in poly Thai science and Technology Industrial Park have all been put into operation.

Sunnet poly Thai military technology to civilian grasp opportunity, relying on professional military technology transfer, gathered a group of professional FAKRA, RF coaxial connector and a control module assembly technology talent;

Sunnet poly Thai combined with Taiwan, Shenzhen´s advantage, combined with a number of international market background of market promotion, application and sales of professional talents, and effectively ensure the company in the direction of the development orientation of the development of new technology, new products;

Sunnet poly Thai will be engaged in technology research and development engineers and marketing sales personnel organic aggregation, implements take the market as the orientation of the development mode.

The company will be based on the FAKRA control module, RF coaxial, market, a professional sales service model, to provide a full range of products for the customer at the same time, committed to for the user to solve the application bottleneck of the whole scheme, shorten the product development cycle.

The company services customers include NOKIA, MOTO, BMW, VW, GE, BENZ, NISSAN...

The company since its inception, always adhere to the overall customer oriented principle, the practice of "quality total quality of life" manufacturing concepts, according to the requirements for the quality of the construction and the management system of international quality management and quality assurance standards, have passed ISO9001, ITS16949 certification, and constantly improve and upgrade, and we are committed to improving environmental protection system and reduce the waste of resources, rational use of resources.

We on the basis of ISO9001, ITS16949 standard requirements, from raw materials, construction sign into the library, service quality and management system procedures, to ensure customer delivery of products qualified. At the same time we also built from customer orders, a comprehensive understanding of new product development system of customer requirements, filing project. The ERP system in 2007 and gradually into the perfect company management system. The establishment of the project team, the establishment of quality and management goal, the final sample confirmation of customer, customer demand case management programs and then to batch production, ensure to provide the best service and strong technical support for customers, to meet customer demand.